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Vaisala Enters Liquid Measurement Market by Acquiring K-Patents

December 12, 2018

Press Release: Vaisala acquires Finnish K-Patents Group, a pioneer in in-line liquid measurements for industrial applications. The acquisition broadens Vaisala’s product offering to liquid measurements and strengthens its position as the global leader in the industrial measurement market. The transaction includes K-Patents Oy and its subsidiaries in the US and China as well as Janesko Oy, K-Patents’ research and development organization.

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K-Patents Application Note on Pectin Extraction and Evaporation

August 22, 2018

Application Note: Pectin, an acidic polysaccharide occurring in the cell walls of a fruit, is a popular food additive for gelling, thickening and stabilizing. It is also widely used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Pectin market has an annual growth of about 6 % driven by the rising demand for functional foods products.

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Increasing Productivity in Margarine Production

August 22, 2018

Application Note: Margarine is a stabilized water-in-oil emulsion which was developed as a substitute for butter. It is made from one or more vegetable oils or animal fats, mixed with an aqueous portion containing milk products, salts, and other ingredients such as flavoring agents, emulsifiers, vitamins, preservatives and butter.

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Production of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Precursor for Carbon Fibers: Measurement of Solvent Concentration

May 22, 2018

Application Note: PAN-based carbon fiber is widely used in many industries such as automotive, aviation, aerospace, sporting goods, and construction applications, as carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. The demand has prompted as industries are looking for solutions that save energy, make more durable products and are environmentally friendly.

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Sugar Confectionery and Filling Cooking

May 8, 2018

Application Note: Sugar confections include candies, chocolate fillings, chewing gum, marshmallows and other sweet items which are made mainly from sugar. Sugar and chocolate confectionery is a large and ever-changing industry. In order to meet the quality and demand, manufacturers need sophisticated technology and equipment to process the ingredients.

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Yogurt and Chilled Dairy Flavoring

May 7, 2018

Application Note: Yogurt, one of the most consumed products within dairy is made by the lactic fermentation of whole, standardized and skimmed milk. Fresh fruit, jam, juice, honey, syrup and other sweeteners may be added to flavor the yogurt before it is packaged for sale. In a continuous industrial process, yogurt flavoring is done in-line when it is transferred from the buffer tanks to the filling lines.

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Honey Processing

May 3, 2018

Application Note: Honey; This nature's golden treat consumed in every country in the world is produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. Honey is a syrupy biological product containing glucose, fructose and water, in addition to small quantities of proteins, minerals, organic acids and vitamins. The K-Patents Sanitary Process Refractometer PR-43-AC measures in real-time the concentration of the honey. It is important to keep the final moisture content of the honey within certain values.

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Monitoring Organics in Food and Beverage Side-Streams or Wastewater Streams

May 2, 2018

Application Note: The Food and Beverage Industry requires large amount of water for their processing. Wastewater generated from the production includes organic pollutants; in the food and beverage industry these are namely oils and fats, alcohol, proteins and carbohydrates. All of them are problematic to the environment. The wastewater from food and beverage plants needs to be monitored to ensure compliance to environmental regulations.

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Brown Stock Washing

March 13, 2018

Application Note: Brown Stock Washing might happen at very early stage in the paper making process, but it is an important step as it will affect all the subsequent production stages, the economics of the mill as well as the end quality of the product, the paper.

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K-Patents, Inc. at Food Processing Expo 2018

January 11, 2018

Press release: K-Patents to exhibit at Food Processing Expo 2018. Meet us at Booth 806.

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Brown Stock Washing Seminar

November 22, 2017

Press Release: K-Patents together with South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK gathered the top professionals of brown stock washing process to a seminar to the very roots of this application, in the city of Savonlinna, Finland.

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Meet us at Drinktec 2017!

June 16, 2017

K-Patents to exhibit at Drinktec 2017. Meet us at Hall B3, Stand 127

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Updated Milk Application Note Split into Three Subcategories

May 29, 2017

Application Note: K-Patents refractometers are the ideal devices for monitoring the concentration of milk from the beginning of the process to the end to ensure a product that meets legal standards and recipe requirements, and to obtain a final product of high quality and long shelf life.

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From Seaweed to Medical Fabrics: K-Patents Application Note on Alginate Fibers

March 6, 2017

Application Note: Extracted from brown algae seaweed, sodium alginate is a multi-purpose, skin and nutrition safe ingredient used in different industries. The pharmaceutical industry has found alginates especially useful due to their gel forming, non-toxic and highly absorbent properties. Medical dressings made of alginate fibers are ideal for burns and open wounds as they help to accelerate the healing process.

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ACHEMA 2015 a huge success for K-Patents

June 22, 2015

K-Patents attended ACHEMA 2015 - one of the most important chemical engineering and the process industry exhibitions in the world. The purpose of the exhibition was to showcase all the latest innovations from K-Patents.

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New Reaction Zone Monitoring System (RZMS) for DuPont™ STRATCO© Contactor™ reactor has been developed

April 23, 2015

STRATCO© - The World-Leading Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Licensor, has developed a new Reaction Zone Monitoring System (RZMS) for DuPont™ STRATCO© Contactor™ reactor. The RZMS system allows operators to measure sulfuric acid to hydrocarbon ratio and sulfuric acid strength in the Contactor™ reactor more effectively than a typical ratio glass and acid sampling system assembly.

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New Application Protein Concentration and Diafiltration has been released

March 26, 2015

K-Patents has released a new application note on protein concentration and diafiltration. Diafiltration is a technique using ultrafiltration (UF) membranes to separate the components of solutions and suspensions based on their molecular size, although other factors such as molecular shape and charge can also play a role.

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New Application Note on KOH Scrubbing of Acidic Gas has been released

March 23, 2015

K-Patents has released a new application note on KOH scrubbing of acidic gas. K-Patents Refractometer PR-23-GP-FM is used to control KOH solution make-up. Fresh KOH is added when it is depleted. An in-line measurement can ensure that there is no HF acid break through going to the flare.

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New Application Note on L-Lysine Evaporation Process has been released

February 12, 2015

K-Patents has released a new application note on L-Lysine Evaporation Process. It is a process of producing microbially fermented amino acid commonly used for a variety of industrial use, such as feed additive, food material and health supplements. The lysine feed is concentrated by evaporation controlled by Sanitary Compact Refractometer PR-23-AC to ensure a precise concentration level is reached.

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New Application Note on Bulk Liquid Chemicals Identification has been released

January 20, 2015

K-Patents has released a new application note on bulk liquid chemicals identification in loading and unloading operations. Chemical plants may deal with multiple unloading stations, thus, fast and reliable interface detection is necessary for product identification and safe unloading operation.

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New Application Note on Yeast Extract has been released

October 15, 2014

K-Patents has released a new application note on Yeast extract preparation process. Yeast extract is a taste-giving ingredient that is used in a variety of dishes. Before proceeding to packaging or spray drying the yeast extract must be concentrated and pasteurized. This is the step where in-line Quality Control performed with the K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-23-AC becomes important.

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K-Patents Process Refractometer in Pharmaceutical Applications

September 30, 2014

K-Patents Process Refractometer in Pharmaceutical Applications.

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New Application Note on Tea Extract Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration has been released

September 8, 2014

K-Patents has released a new application note on Tea Extract Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration. Tea extracts are heat-sensitive. Reverse osmosis, a membrane filtration process, is used to concentrate tea extracts at temperature of 25 鈩

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New Application Note on Polyethylene Fiber Antistatic Agent has been released

September 5, 2014

K-Patents has released a new application note on Polyethylene Fiber Antistatic Agent. Polyethylene fiber is known for its high strength and durability features. The material is used in a variety of applications, e.g., Tyvek庐 HouseWrap, vehicle covers, envelopes, medical and industrial packaging, and as protective apparel. The sheet is made by spinning extremely fine high-density polyethylene fibers fused together to produce a strong uniform web. Inside the sheet antistatic agent is applied. Before the antistatic agent is applied, it must be diluted to 1.5 or 2.5 solution. The required solution concentration is controlled using K-Patents Sanitary Compact Refractometer PR-23-AC

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K-Patents gathers experts to discuss Brown Stock Optimization possibilities

May 7, 2014

K-Patents gathers experts to discuss Brown Stock Optimization possibilities. The seminar will take place on 2 June, just prior to the PulPaper 2014.

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New Application Note on Rice Pudding has been released

May 7, 2014

K-Patents has released a new application note on Rice Pudding application. In order to ensure the end product homogeneity and consistency, it is of utmost importance to continuously control the quality of the pudding slurry. The K-Patents Refractometer PR-23-AC provides instantaneous and real-time pudding quality control before the end-product proceeds to filling.

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K-Patents Refractometers in a New Mead Johnson Nutrition Plant in Singapore

December 16, 2013

K-Patents Process Refractometer in a New Mead Johnson Nutrition Plant in Singapore

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K-Patents Process Refractometer in In-Line Sulfuric Acids Measurements

December 13, 2013

K-Patents Process Refractometer in In-Line Sulfuric Acids Measurements.

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K-Patents representative at World of Technology & Science 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

September 11, 2013

K-Patents representative at World of Technology & Science 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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K-Patents at Drinktec 2013 in Munich

September 3, 2013

K-Patents will participate in Drinktec 2013 on September 16-20, 2013. Our Stand is No. 212, Hall 3.

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New Application Note on Tomato Ketchup and Sauces from Tomato Concentrate Plant has been released

July 19, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Tomato Ketchup and Sauces from Tomato Concentrate Plant. Tomato ketchup/sauce is one of the most commonly used condiments. The recipe, viscosity and solids content of sauces and ketchups vary widely and a tomato sauce and ketchup can be based on whole peeled tomatoes, but more typically they are made from tomato concentrate. Tomato paste or puree from tomato concentrator is mixed and diluted with water to the proper brix. After that some sugar/sweetener, salt and preservatives are added to the mixture according to the recipe. During the ketchup preparation process it is very important to constantly monitor and control the level of product concentration which has an impact on ketchup consistency.

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K-Patents at SEMICON West 2013

July 3, 2013

K-Patents will participate in SEMICON West 2013 in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2013. Our booth is No. 2222. SEMICON West is the main event in the global microelectronics industry. Major technologies in Semiconductors, Photovoltaics/ Solar , Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), LEDs/Solid State Lighting, etc. will be featured in the fair.

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New Application Note on Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Content Monitoring in Effluent has been released

April 23, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Content Monitoring in Effluent. Excess organics, or Total Organic Carbon Content (TOC), e.g. alcohols, proteins, sugars, fats, etc. in various wastewater streams in the corn sweetener and beer brewing industries can incur fines and penalties. In severe cases the plant can even be closed.As these effluent streams typically contain high levels of TOC (up to 10,000 PPM) the Refractive Index technique has proven to be a very successful measurement method for this purpose. K-Patents Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M provides reliable measurement for alarming of incoming dissolved solids (indication of high organics). Wastewater treatment plant knows incoming TOC and can keep treatment process in proper operation and compliance.

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New Application Note on Ammonia Removal in Water Treatment has been released

April 17, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Ammonia Removal in Water Treatment. Ammonia can be present in underground water as an impurity. It is undesirable in water because ultimately it gets converted into nitrites and nitrates which cause lack of vitamin and if combined with other components can cause cancer. Moreover, elevated ammonia concentration can create favourable conditions for intensive growth of aquatic organisms, including algae, which leads to deterioration of commodity water quality. Ammonia is stripped away from the process by turning it into ammonium sulfate. K-Patents refractometer PR-23-M is measuring the ammonium sulfate concentration in-line. If the value is correct, ammonium sulfate can be stored for further use, if not, the product is further recycled.

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New Application Note on Pure Water Treatment by Chemical Precipitation has been released

April 10, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Pure Water Treatment by Chemical Precipitation. Pure water treatment is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from raw water. The purified water is then stored for human consumption, medical, pharmacological, chemical or industrial needs. Water treatment by chemical precipitation is a complex process. It starts with adding flocculants, specifically, Polyaluminium Chloride (PACl) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) into raw water. PACl precipitates in big volumetric flocs which absorb suspended pollutants in the raw water. In order to keep the flocculation process smooth, PACl concentration must be constantly monitored which is possible with K-Patents鈥

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New Application Note on Chewing Gum Coating has been released

April 8, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Chewing gum coating. Confectionery coating plays a decisive role in the final product鈥檚 appearance and functionality. Fine coating has effect on the flavour and the quality of confectionery products such as the chewing gum. Preparation of syrup for chewing gum coating starts with adding syrup components, in particular, sugar or its substitutes, e.g. maltose, and water to the mixing tank. The exact syrup concentration is critical to secure the correct flavour and gums not sticking together in the coating machine (drum).

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New Application Note on Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin Process has been released

March 11, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin Process. PPS resin is a form of engineering plastic widely used as a material for automobile and electronic parts due to its outstanding properties. PPS resin is made from sodium sulfide and dichlorobenzene in a polar solvent. The process medium is the suspension containing PPS and sodium chloride (NaCl). If chloride and sodium from raw materials remain in the resin, they can lead to the corrosion of molds and functional deterioration of metal parts. The K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-23-GP measures the NaCl concentration. It also monitors and controls the NaCl dissolved solids concentration without influence of the undissolved PPS resin.

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New Application Note on Liquid Hydrocarbon Identification in Transportation Operation has been released

March 8, 2013

K-Patents has released a new application note on Linquid hydrocarbon identification in transportation operation. Chemical plants and refineries receive or deliver many different liquid hydrocarbons, including NGLs which are transported via pipeline, railcar, tanker trucks and/or ship. Many of these products are very similar in properties and appearance, therefore, proper identification or interface detection of these hydrocarbons at transport locations that handle multiple products is important to ensure good quality assurance.

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New Application Note on Vaccine Production Process has been published

February 26, 2013

K-Patents has published a new application note on seasonal flu vaccines production. The fractionation of viral rich material can be controlled using the K-Patents Pharma refractometer. The different fractions with viral rich and disposable material are separated based on their sucrose density gradients.

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Interface detection of liquid hydrocarbons using Refractive index measurement technology

January 8, 2013

A major south Texan refinery recently investigated a reliable way to distinguish between natural gasoline (trip gas) and two butanes (n-butane and iso-butane (2-methylpropane)) in its loading station. K-Patents Process Refractometer was chosen for four installation locations: one at railcar unloading station and three in the different product tank inlets.

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K-Patents Process Refractometer measures PAG solutions in heat treating quench systems

October 5, 2012

There is a growing interest amongst the leading aircraft and automotive manufacturers to install K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-23 in the Drop Bottom Quench furnace systems that are used for aluminum heat treating. Polymer quenchants are used to control distortion and to prevent cracking of steel during the hardening process.

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K-Patents at the ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt

May 23, 2012

Please come and visit us at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt in June 18-22, 2012 and be the first to pick up our recently published book Process Refractometer Application Notes

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April 12, 2012

Meet us at INTERPHEX 2012 in New York on May 1-3, 2012. Our booth is No.3384.

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K-Patents opens new office in Shanghai

April 5, 2012

K-Patents has expanded its' global network by opening a new office in Shanghai, China starting in April 5th, 2012.

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K-Patents Application of the Month: Sulfuric Acid in the Lead-Acid Battery Manufacture

March 5, 2012

Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturers gain great benefits from using K-Patents Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M to control the Sulfuric acid concentration in the lead activation plant. By measuring the acid concentration the correct power activation effect is reached and the potential acid concentration fluctuations are instantly revealed.

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O PAPEL magazine features an article about the Brown Stock Washing in it's January 2012 issue

February 7, 2012

A Peer-reviewed Technical Article: &Improving Brown Stock Washing by On-Line Measurement - Mill Investigations&S has been published in the O PAPEL January 2012 Issue.

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K-Patents Oy Announces New Managing Director

February 1, 2012

K-Patents has announced the appointment of Ville Voipio, D.Sc. (Tech) as the new Managing Director of K-Patents Oy starting February 1, 2012. Dr. Voipio will also continue in his current position as the Managing Director of Janesko Oy. Arto H盲m盲l盲inen, M.Sc. (Tech) who has served as Managing Director of K-Patents Oy for the past six years, will remain with the company and has been appointed as the new Technical Director.

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International Sugar Journal (ISJ) Article

December 9, 2011

The latest ISJ December issue features an article by Dr. Lajos Rozsa about on-line monitoring and control of supersaturation and other massecuite parameters in sugar vacuum pans. The article reviews on common practice to control crystallization in vacuum pans and presents new solutions and devices for the on-line monitoring of supersaturation based on the data which are needed for its exact calculation.

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Launching New Device: K-Patents Field Communicator

November 25, 2011

K-Patents introduces a new device, the Field Communicator FC-11 that can be used for controlling K-Patents process instruments remotely. Communicator allows you to access measurement data, diagnostic functions, and trend views via Ethernet connection and it is a perfect solution when you need to configure, update or verify your refractometer in the field environment.

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An article in the TAPPI Journal

October 17, 2011

An article about &Optimization of wash water usage in brown stock washing& was published in the TAPPI Journal in September, 2011. The article discusses about the use of refractometer measurements and advanced process data analysis tools to determine optimum level of wash water usage.

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Peer Reviewed Article in the Appita Magazine

October 13, 2011

Peer Reviewed article &Optimisation of pressure filter performance using refractometer measurements - Mill investigations& was published in the Appita Magazine Vol.64 No1. Real-time displacement ratio values where calculated using refractometer data and the washer performance was optimised. The results show that changes in the concentration of incoming flows to the washer can be detected on-line with real-time refractometer measurements.

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K-Patents on Solid Ground in Poland

June 30, 2011

A major sugar producer in Poland and a local engineering company have installed K-Patents Process Refractometers to all of their sugar mills. They started using the first K-Patents units in 2002 in few mills and due to their excellent performance they have placed several orders with K-Patents over the years.

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Meet us at the Semicon West, South Hall, Booth #1940!

June 30, 2011

K-Patents will introduce a third Generation Semicon Refractometer PR-33-S at the Semicon West show. The PR-33-S refractometer monitors and measures the liquid chemical concentrations throughout the whole semiconductor fabrication process, i.e. from chemical supplies down to fab in-line and tool in-situ chemical quality control.

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HMDI - An excellent application for K-Patents Process Refractometer

June 28, 2011

A manufacturer of diisocyanate-based products had found that Refractive Index was an ideal method to monitor the rate of reaction in hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) reactor. They were looking for a refractometer, which could provide higher accuracy and repeatability.

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Ammonia Water Treatment

June 27, 2011

The purpose of an ammonia water treatment plant is to take the ammonia, NH4, which is present in water as an impurity, out of the water. An ammonia water treatment plant in Italy, which is a customer of K-Patents, gets its water from underground and its ammonia level is about 400 ppm. The plant uses caustic (30%), active carbon and iron chloride, FeCI3, for treating the water.

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Cereal Success

June 27, 2011

A breakfast cereal plant in Lancacshire, England, manufactures a high quality range of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. The cereals are manufactured with conventional and extrusion processing. The company produces the following cereals: Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Coated Flakes, Fruit & Fibre, Shredded Bran Sticks and Squares.

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Collaboration between K-Patents and a Global Producer of Tomato Paste

June 23, 2011

The customer's company's quality assurance principles, standards and technology help maintain their reputation as one of the most trusted brands worldwide. K-Patents has numerous installations at the customers tomato plants worldwide. There are several reasons why the tomato paste producer has chosen K-Patents Sanitary Refractometers for their plants.

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Refractometer Orders from Food Industry

June 16, 2011

Here, we will introduce two food applications that have foreseeable growth potential due to functionality and convenience being the key trends in food and drinks, which provide consumer benefits, saving both time and effort. These benefits also include health, freshness, taste, versatility and ethical benefits, and are often referred to as products that suit particular needs.

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AdBlue Urea Solution and Diesel Exhaust Fluid

June 15, 2011

The automotive urea AdBlue, also known by the generic name Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), is the registered trademark for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%). The market of this urea-based, diesel fuel emissions lowering agent has not matured and AdBlue suppliers can expect a year-on-year growth of 40-50% in the coming years.

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Imperial Sugar Implements K-Patents Refractometer

April 26, 2011

Imperial Sugar Company (ISC) has consistently welcomed advances in production technologies designed to maximize efficiency and quality. In December of 2010, ISC Savannah Sugar Refinery in Port Wethworth, GA integrated yet another leading production technology into their sugar boiling process: the K-Patents Process Refractometer.

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Total Organic Carbon TOC

January 4, 2011

A new sales opportunity, along with the improved repeatability of K-Patents PR-23 Refractometer, can be found in the in-line safety monitoring of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), e.g. alcohols, proteins, sugars, fats, etc. in various wastewater streams in the corn sweetener and beer brewing industries.

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Tight Control for the Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Production

December 13, 2010

Seasonal flu vaccines production using ultracentrifugation for viral particle separation can be considerably improved by using K-Patents Refractometer. The fractionation of viral rich material can be controlled using K-Patents Pharma refractometer. The different fractions with viral rich and disposable material are separated based on their sucrose density gradients.

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Significant Energy Cost Savings for Pulp Mills with Advanced Brownstock Washing Optimatization Solutions

November 22, 2010

Report of experts鈥

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Refractive index measurements for brown stock washing loss - mill investigations

June 11, 2010

White Paper about the usability of the refractometer to measure washing loss in chemical pulping under mill conditions. The focus of investigation was on brown stock washing before and after oxygen delignification at a Finnish kraft pulp mill.

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Refractometer Accuracy Statement is now available

October 27, 2009

Techical note 1.00.06, K-Patents Refractometer Accuracy Statement is now available in our Document Downloads.

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SAFE-DRIVE™ Operation Guide Video is available in six different languages

October 15, 2009

The new K-Patents SAFE-DRIVE™ Operation Guide Video is available in six different languages.

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Drinktec 2009

August 27, 2009

Meet us at Drinktec 2009 in Munich on September 14-19! Our stand is No. 521 in Hall A3.

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Our Semicon Process Refractometer PR-33-S chosen as a Best of the West 2009 Finalist.

June 23, 2009

Our Semicon Process Refractometer PR-33-S chosen as a Best of the West 2009 Finalist. The Best of the West Award is a recognition given at the Semicon West Fair to an exhibitor that displays important product and technology developments in the microelectronics industries. The K-Patents Semicon Process Refractometer PR-33-S is chosen as one of the five finalists for this nomination.

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New Investigations in Brownstock Washing

June 8, 2009

New investigations in brownstock washing: K-Patents is a partner company in an ongoing research study that seeks ways to improve brownstock washing in the chemical pulping. The aim is to find a new, more holistic mill level solution that minimizes washing loss and consumes less bleaching chemicals.

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New Intrinsically Safe PR-23 Systems

February 6, 2009

K-Patents introduces ATEX and IECEx approved Intrinsically Safe Process Refractometer PR-23-IA/IE systems that can be used in hazardous locations in Zone 0 and Zone 1 areas, where a possibility of fire or explosion exists.

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Improving Natural Gas Amine Treating (Acid Gas Sweetening) Plant Operations

February 6, 2009

K-Patents provides instant feedback in the control of the amine concentrations and can therefore assist in improving natural gas amine treating(acid gas sweetening) operations.

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Petroleum Refinery Alkylation Process

August 1, 2008

Key Aspects of Monitoring Acid Strength in the Petroleum Refinery Alkylation Process. Owing to high gasoline prices and reformulated gasoline regulations, the refineries invest in additional alkylation capacity. There is a construction boom in new alkylation units and in smaller retrofit projects, such as in replacing radioactive nuclear and coriolis meters with K-Patents Process Refractometers.

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K-Patents at SEMICON West

June 10, 2008

Introducing the Semicon Refractometer PR-33-S on July 15-17 at SEMICON West in San Francisco, USA. Meet us at South Hall at Booth #3025!

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Semicon China in Shanghai

March 14, 2008

On March 18-20, K-Patents will be exhibiting at Hall W5, Booth #5715-5717 at Semicon China in Shanghai.

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Technical Sales Engineer (Process Instruments)

January 1, 2008

K-Patents Headquarters in Vantaa, Finland, offer an outstanding opportunity for an enthusiastic talent as a Technical Sales Engineer (Process Instruments) to serve the daily technical, product and application support needs of our customers in various industries.

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Changed Phone and Fax Numbers at Headquarters

December 14, 2007

The phone and fax numbers for K-Patents Headquarters at Vantaa, Finland, have changed due to phone system upgrade.

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K-Patents at ISA Expo 2007

September 27, 2007

K-Patents at ISA EXPO 2007 in Houston, TX, at booth #2536.

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K-Patents selected for the 2007 Editors' Choice Best Product

July 9, 2007

K-Patents Semicon Process Refractometer PR-23-MS has been selected a winner of the 2007 Editor's Choice Best Product Award by the Semiconductor International.

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See us at SEMICON West 2007, South Hall Booth # 2966!

June 15, 2007

K-Patents introduces the revolutionary new Semicon Process Refractometer PR-23-MS at Semicon West 2007. This in-line instrument is suitable for real-time chemical concentration monitoring throughout the whole semiconductor fabrication process.

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New K-Patents measurement solutions at the PulPaper 2007 exhibition in Helsinki at stand 3h17

May 31, 2007

K-Patents will present the latest innovations in in-line concentration measurement technology at stand 3h17 at the PulPaper 2007 exhibition at the Helsinki Fair Center in June 5-7th, 2007.

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K-Patents New SAFE-DRIVE™ Process Refractometer PR-23-SD

Feb 26, 2007

K-Patents introduces a new K-Patents SAFE-DRIVE™ Process Refractometer PR-23-SD, which is a complete heavy-duty system for measuring black liquor dry solids % by weight in kraft chemical pulp mills.

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Semicon Fabs Discover a New Kind of Measurement

Feb 22, 2007

K-Patents new Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M measures the concentrations of process liquids such as etchants, photo resists, developers, strippers and cleaning agents in semiconductor fabs.

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